Microsoft announces Reddit partnership, new AI features for Bing

Microsoft Brings New AI Capabilities to Bing Cortana Office 365 and Azure

Microsoft announces Reddit partnership, new AI features for Bing

If you type in "reddit" and the name of a Reddit community, like "aww" or "data is lovely", the relevant subreddits will show up in a dedicated results section.

In addition to launching an all-new consumer search experience for Reddit content on Bing, our partnership with Microsoft also leverages our relationship with Socialgist to bring Reddit's data and API to Power BI, a comprehensive set of business modules that utilizes Microsoft's AI and analytics to help brands and marketers analyze data and share insights. It'll also display any upcoming AMAs for that person too.

Additionally, the company announced a partnership with Reddit to surface results from the site more effectively. It will do this by adding prompts to extract more information from the users. "We're getting to the point that for probably about 10 percent of those queries we'll see answers". Microsoft hopes that by partnering directly with websites that generate a substantial amount of the web's most engaging and highest viewed content, it might lure some users away from Google. "We can make both of our platforms better as a result". At the very least, it gives existing Bing users a more pleasant way to find valuable Reddit threads that would otherwise be lost to time.

The enhancements to Bing don't stop there. Essentially, this boils down to a mix of neural network magic to verify answers and surface more information from multiple sources on the initial search page.

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Reddit users have long clamored for a better way to search the site's wealth of information, almost all of which is user-generated and hard to parse after it's been organized by Reddit's algorithms and largely replaced by a new wave of images, text posts, videos, and links. Users can also clarify questions with topic options to refine your search. It'll do so with easy-to-read tables that, for instance, can compare Pilates versus Yoga. The news, part of a suite of new artificial intelligence-powered features underlying Bing's search function, works by way of what Microsoft calls intelligent search.

Additional context with answers, such as not just informing you that Costa Rica is 19,730 square miles big but also noting that this makes it twice the size of MA.

"Often people are seeking answers that go beyond something that is a mathematical equation". "We want to be able to frame those opinions and articulate them in a way that's also balanced and objective". The features are meant to improve search results and were presented at a special AI-focused event held on 13 December in San Francisco. Cortana will be able to sort emails and provide summaries of the most important ones from Outlook, Gmail and other accounts.

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