How to sample Pandora's Premium service for free in the US

Pandora listeners can now watch video ads to access on-demand music

Pandora's free users can now listen to music on demand after they watch an ad

In order to get more users to engage with the platform, the firm has now announced that it will be opening the Premium feature to all users as a complementary option. Viewing the advertisement "unlocks" an ad-free Pandora Premium listening session which lasts until the user requests a different song, album, or playlist. Music fans can now also follow links to particular tracks on Pandora - perhaps from an artist's Facebook page - and listen to the music free after watching the 15 second advertisement. If you're a Premium user, will this encourage you to step down to a Plus or free setup? Users that choose to watch the ad will then be able to access Pandora Premium temporarily, giving them the opportunity to stream any music on demand.

Pandora says the new features will begin rolling out to users today. Because users can build a music library and make playlists and share things with friends while using the premium preview, Phillips thinks this is an ideal way to slowly introduce people to the benefits of paying for a subscription. "These new features address that need by marrying rewards-based advertising with the best-in-class on-demand experience we've created with Pandora Premium".

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Earlier this year, Pandora launched Pandora Premium, which took the service from simple internet radio to full-on Spotify competitor with the ability to listen to songs on demand. "If you're not willing to pay, you just couldn't do that on Pandora", he said. Previously, Pandora's ad-supported and Plus users could only listen to radio stations based on artists or songs they liked. "What we're excited about is delivering on that need and doing it for ad-supported listeners".

Pandora users in the free tier will now be able to access Pandora Premium by watching ads.

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