Xbox party chat is coming to Android and iOS

Xbox Party Chat Via Phone Now Available

Xbox party chat is coming to Android and iOS

This could give users the freedom to roam about when necessary and maintain a proper connection, which is a problem with current wireless solutions.

Follow the link below to download the beta app for yourself. While it was announced months ago that a Mixer app was in active development and beta testing for both iOS and Android mobile devices, the culmination of that project is available now to the general public. The app now has a new bottom bar for quick access to trending live streams, channels you follow and your own profile.

If you have the Xbox beta app on Android, let us know what you think of this feature and if you would use it frequently. Jerome Holman, Mixer's Senior Program Manager for mobile apps, says the new codebase will allow the company to push out faster updates as well.

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"From beta through to launch, we've focused on improved discoverability, new personalization options, and Mixer interactivity", the blog post reads. Support for notifications took a little while to arrive, but with the new app you will no longer miss out whenever your favourite streamers start streaming.

To get to this version of the Mixer app, Microsoft had to rebuild the base code, thus eliminating the bugs found during the trial period.

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