Gun used in Tupac's murder was found in Compton backyard in 1998

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All this info was revealed in a police document dug up by producers of the A&E docu-series, Who Killed Tupac? While most of these shows tread similar ground, this particular show managed to reveal a previously unknown nugget of info: apparently the.40 cal pistol used in the murder was found in the Compton backyard of a well-known Crip.

It's now come to light that the murder weapon was found two years after his death, but subsequently went missing when it was handed from one police force to another. According to the recently found police document, the man reported the gun to police and it was booked as found property on May 30, 1998. In 2000, over 3,000 confiscated firearms were transferred to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, including the Glock.

They also report that law enforcement officials were concerned about the possibility of an increase in gang violence if a member of the Crips was linked to Tupac's death. Tests were ordered that proved it was, in fact, the weapon that killed Pac. The gun wasn't given to police in Las Vegas because, according to the New York Daily News, "a federal prosecutor assigned to the case cited concerns the discovery might cause problems with potential conspirators". Because of this, it was recommended that the gun should not be turned over to LVPD. The network says they reached out to the LVPD and some officers are claiming the gun never got to them, meanwhile, others are just plain unsure.

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Shakur's last words were "f**k you" when he was wounded at the scene and was later taken to the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada.

He died on the afternoon of 13 September 1996 from internal bleeding.

The rapper and Suge Knight, the boss of Tupac's label Death Row Records, were seen brawling with an alleged member of the Crips in the lobby of the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, where they had been attending a boxing match, on the night of the murder.

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