Israel to resume power supply to Gaza Strip

Under Trump: US Aid to Palestine Hits All Time Low in 10 Years

Union condemns Israeli attacks on Palestinian journalists

The data showed that the Israeli army carried out 59 attacks in Gaza in 2017. In June, the PA cut its electricity payments for Gaza to Israel by 35%, which led Israel to slowly reduce the number of megawatts it supplied the Strip from 120 to 70.

Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz ordered the Israel Electric Corporation to restore electricity to the Gaza Strip beginning immediately, but pro-Palestinian Authority groups said the move would not relieve Israel of the "legal and moral" requirement to meet the power needs of Gaza residents.

While the vast majority of the projectiles landed in open territory, causing no damage or injuries, around 10 struck in residential areas or were intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system.

Palestinians have been mounting protests in the occupied West Bank and violence has flared along the Israel-Gaza border since U.S. President Donald Trump announced on December 6 that he was recognising Jerusalem as Israel's capital.

In 2007, Israel was hit by 2433 projectiles and in 2008, during Operation Cast Lead, terrorist groups fired 3,557 projectiles.

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But while the Assad regime has warned Israel of "serious consequences if it repeats similar aggressive actions under any pretext", the border with Hamas is considered the most explosive front. Occasional exchanges of fire continue to occur along the border. Gadi Eisenkot called "irresponsible". At the same time, the number of arrests for suspected terrorist activity grew this year, while the total number of terror attacks in the West Bank dropped.

Members of the Hamas terror group in Gaza in January 2017.

A report released by the IDF notes an increase in Israeli terror fatalities a year ago, although the number of attacks perpetrated by Palestinian terrorists has decreased.

Twenty people were killed and 169 wounded in attacks that originated in Judea and Samaria compared with 17 fatalities in 2016.

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