New Xbox One Alpha Ring Build (1802.180105-1503) Brings New Features. Changelog

Xbox One's Upcoming Do Not Disturb Mode Lets You Ignore All the Distractions

Xbox One begins testing mini game hubs & Do Not Disturn mode

Mini Game Hubs are being added which is basically a condensed version of the standard Game Hubs feature.

Starting today at 6 p.m. PST, Xbox Insiders enrolled in the Alpha ring will receive the latest Xbox One system update (1802.180105-1503).

Other changes coming soon to your Xbox include a few extra features for your Guide menu: a list of your closest locked achievements and mini game hubs with more information on your games baked into the menu.

While playing a match or watching a movie if someone invites you to a game the screen comes down with the notification. Then you can launch the appropriate game right from there. All together, you've got plenty of decent quality of life updates that should make using the Xbox One even better. With this feature, you'll be able to access great content for the games you've played recently from a Game Hub without ever having to leave the action.

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The community feed will be tweaked so the most recent comments will be displayed first, and players will also be able to see who has liked their comments.

To address user feedback, we're adding additional inactivity shutdown options to the Power mode & startup menu. Previously you could choose to automatically shut down your console after one hour or six hours of inactivity, but now there are hourly increments in between those options for you to shut down your console after two, three, four or five hours.

Microsoft wants to give us a chance to retreat to distraction-free gaming on the Xbox One. A subset of users may also see additional experimental features meant to gauge interest and gather feedback for the team.

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