Watch The Trailer For Rose McGowan's New Docuseries About Life After #MeToo

Rose McGowan Tweets Scathing Thoughts on Golden Globes All-Black Fashion, 'Hollywood Fakery'

Watch The Trailer For Rose McGowan's New Docuseries About Life After #MeToo

Rose McGowan wishes she had "more middle fingers" to hold up to those who have been accused of sexual harassment in Hollywood.

Rose McGowan, another Weinstein accuser who earlier blasted the idea that stars wear black to the show, tweeted to Argento that she had "no time for Hollywood fakery" coming from, as she put it, "fancy people wearing black to honor our rapes".

"My brand is raw and it's true and it's my truth", she said. "And I knew it was a lot of us".

Her aggressive stance on the hot-button issue is deliberate: "I scare because I care", she told the Television Critics Association on Tuesday, quoting a line from Disney's Monsters Inc.

The series, for which she began filming footage on her own three years ago, is "pretty much all access", and a trailer screened for TV critics shows her speaking out, volunteering and advocating, well before the recent allegations surfaced. " "Misconduct" sounds tepid at best".

"This is not a show just for women", she added. Consequently, the five-part docuseries filmed McGowan when the New York Times and New Yorker exposes of Weinstein were published.

In December, she singled out Meryl Streep for her decision to fight sexual harassment after she once thanked Harvey Weinstein as a "God" in a 2012 Golden Globes acceptance speech.

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McGowan insisted said she never signed a nondisclosure agreement when she settled with Weinstein, as has been widely reported.

"My father said I was born with my fist up". McGowan was asked about Time's Up and trying to change the system from within, and before the reporter had even finished the question about whether that is possible, McGowan said "No".

McGowan was somewhat more abashed when asked for her opinion on a controversy involving former E! host Catt Sadler, who left the network after learning her male counterpart, Jason Kennedy, was making twice as much as she was.

However McGowan was quick to point out that many of those on the red carpet had not raised objections to the treatment of women in the industry in the past.

McGowan has been privately taping her life for several years, joining with Bunim-Murrary Productions to create the documentary series, McGowan said.

"Do you understand what I've been through for 20 years?" I have fought. I have clawed.

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