A Woman Actually, Successfully Returned Her Dead Christmas Tree

Woman returns ‘dead Christmas tree to Costco in Jan. for full refund

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That's what a California woman tried to do January 4, when she brought her dead tree back to a Costco store, the Sun reported.

He shared the photo on Facebook, writing: "I can't make this stuff up".

An aghast Costco customer recounted the tale of another customer who he said returned her "dead" Christmas tree to the store for a full refund.

A picture accompanying the post showed a woman with a red "X" over her face standing with a dead Christmas tree at the Costco customer service counter. And even though she was shamed by other customers in line, would you believe she actually did get her money back.

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Costco is famously known for their generous return policy - where people have got refunds for items like an empty wine bottle, old fish and a used chicken coop and photo prints, according to a Reddit post.

Scott Bentley was so outraged the woman's chutzpah, he posted a photo he took of her along with his commentary on Facebook.

One person wrote: "People like this are miserable. They will even demand a refund without bringing back the tree".

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