Google Assistant is coming to Dish Network this year

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LG hasn't offered any details regarding pricing and availability of the device, but already listed the ThingQ WK9 on its website as "Coming Soon".

The Link View is a smart display speaker with of course Google Assistant embedded into the device.

Lenovo's 8-inch Smart Display model is set to retail for $199.99, so we can assume LG's alternative will feature a similar price tag, although it comes with two speakers instead of one.

2018, Microsoft dashed rumors about axing the consumer-facing portion of Cortana and confirmed that the digital assistant will be made available on more devices in 2018. Want to look up recipes online in your kitchen (without running the risk of smudging up your smartphone with cooking grease)? With Google Assistant, Dish customers with a Hopper, Joey or Wally can enable Hands-Free TV and voice control their TV in multiple languages, including English and Spanish.

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You can pick one up when it goes on sale in the summer.

Not much information has been shared by LG yet.

The LG ThinQ WK9 is most likely powered by Qualcomm's SD624 Home Hub Platform, as seen in Lenovo's and JBL's variants and we can expect it to be an industry standard of sorts until better hardware is released. The notch on the top is most likely a shutter for the camera or a mute button for the microphone, we don't know yet, but we'll keep you updated.

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