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Overwatch League: Twitch snaps up broadcast rights

Twitch in last-minute deal with Overwatch

Overwatch has struggled as an esport but yesterday Blizzard's big hope, the new Overwatch League, launched with a bang.

Fans have been waiting for the start of the Overwatch League for over a year and on January 10th 2018 it finally came to our screens.

At BlizzCon 2017, Blizzard unveiled a brand new map coming to the team-based shooter Overwatch called "Blizzard World", which is a theme park inspired by the universes of other games from the publisher and developer. The players receive salaries of a minimum of $50,000 each (plus housing and benefits) while vying for a chunk of the league's million-dollar prize pool, handed out at year's end. Blizzard will also make recordings of previous matches available for anyone unable to tune in live.

Blizzard has no plans to add the Overwatch League skins to loot boxes.

While city-based teams are standard in traditional sports leagues, they aren't the norm for eSports, where teams typically run under their own banners or those of the companies that sponsor them.

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To help fans keep track of Overwatch League news, Blizzard has just released an official app for iOS and Android. MLG handled the exclusive streaming of the pre-season matches.

Some issues that could cause the fresh Overwatch map and its contents to get a delay include the discovery of errors that involve Torbjorn turrets being destroyed when placed on certain rides, in addition to several invisible collision zones need ongoing work so players won't get stuck in certain places. You'll be able to dress your character in skins for each Overwatch League team.

Or, as one producer for a video game publisher told Digital News Daily at a conference last month: "If you want men under the age of 30 to see your ad, at some point you will have to advertise on a video game streaming platform".

Make sure to provide your email address to ensure the 100 tokens-which equal one Overwatch League skin-makes it to your account. Each skin costs $5, or 100 tokens.

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