Mobile brings Buy One Get One, rebates, leave-Verizon-deals

Apple’s iPhone X

Apple’s iPhone X

Note that the rebate is up to $700, which means that depending on the device that you have chosen, it could essentially be free, or for more expensive models like the iPhone X, it would basically be a rather hefty discount. Customers will need to add a new line for this deal.

In the press release, CEO John Legere states that "another 5 million people joined the Un-carrier past year", and that big things are planned for 2018. There's no word as to when the BOGO deal ends, but T-Mobile said it will only be available for a "limited time". T-Mobile knows how to treat you right - two major independent studies just named the Un-carrier #1 in overall customer satisfaction.

Lastly, if you want to get out of Verizon but your contract still isn't over, T-Mobile will pay it off if your device is one of the 13 smartphones they list on their website, including Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL. All you have to do is trade-in a qualifying smartphone, port in your old number, get your new phone under their Equipment Installment Plan and then activate under T-Mobile.

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Now, Alphabet company Google has reportedly acquired a company which could help with that headache. However, there are knock-on benefits inside the phone, too, which could have other advantages.

T-Mobile does not stop with the iPhone though, as there are offers on practically all other flagship smartphones on the market. For the Samsung Galaxy S8+, Active or Note 8, you'll get up to $750 back.

Unfortunately, to qualify for the "UnCarrier's" latest buy-one-get-one-free promotion, you'll need to meet a whole bunch of requirements. It will pay off any remaining amount due, up to Dollars 650, on 13 popular smartphones, including the Apple iPhone X and Samsung Galaxy S8, if the customer switches to the T-Mobile One Plus plan. No more giving up the phone you love when you switch - keep your phone and your phone number when you join T-Mobile! So get a move on!

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