Super Mario Odyssey DLC next month brings a new character surprise

Super Mario Odyssey Getting Free Update in February With New Outfits and Luigi's Balloon World Mode

Super Mario Odyssey DLC finally brings back Luigi

In "Find It", you have 30 seconds to find other players' balloons. Luckily for fans of the forgotten Mario brother, he'll be returning in a free update for the game.

In case you've somehow managed to work your way through Super Mario Odyssey's considerable content offerings and are looking for more to do in the game, you'll be thrilled to hear that Nintendo has just announced the first post-release content update for Odyssey. Here are the Sunshine Shades and Sunshine Outfit, the Musician Hat and Musician Outfit, and the Knight Helmet and Armor.

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Since its release, there has been plenty of time for players to collect all the available outfits and obtain all the stars in the game. One player discovered that Super Mario Odyssey could technically be completed without jumping, which presented an interesting challenge. Finally, we'll be getting a handful of new filters for snapshot mode, so if you find yourself using that to capture in-game screenshots frequently, you'll have at least a few more options once this update lands. And there are others, like speedrunners, who have created some very unconventional records for players to beat. He'll be hosting "Luigi's Balloon World;" a hub for two online hide and seek multiplayer modes coming in February.

As Super Mario Odyssey opened up and offered a different look at challenges and adventures after rescuing Princess Peach, a store found in the game offered up a bunch of extra costumes, including one for Luigi.

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