Bear Attacks Packers Fan in Florida

Mortal kombat The dog quickly ran back inside and when Meunier went to look at what caused the canine to run off a black bear delivered an'uppercut to his face

Man makes history as the first in South Florida to sustain a terrifying injury from this dangerous animal

One of the bears injured Guadagno's neighbor, Andrew Meunier, Tuesday night.

Told Meunier, 'There were three bears total, all standing about five feet tall'.

"I feel like I got in a fight with Wolverine", said Meunier. He noted that he'd seen several bears around the neighborhood before.

This is the first bear attack with injuries that has occurred in South Florida since 1970.

The 41-year-old told police he was attacked by a bear when it swiped at him right after the dog ran back inside.

Mr Meunier, 41, sustained a number of cuts, including a large one on his face, which later needed fours hours of surgery and 41 stitches.

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The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission set another bear trap near Amerine's home on the edge of the property. "I tried to run and wasn't fast enough", Meunier said. He suffered a minor facial laceration. Doughnuts have been placed in the traps because it's candies that attract the bears.

"It felt like somebody punched me", Meunier said.

And well, you know what happened next: Meunier was attacked.

Welcome to the ongoing dilemma, where bears are now finding themselves forced to "explore" man's own backyard, as its own natural habitat continues to be eradicated with man's passing over-reach.... "I don't care if there are scars, I walked away with my life and it could've gone a whole lot worse".

FWC biologists say there are approximately 4,050 black bears in Florida.

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