BJP lock horns with Rahul Gandhi over his speech in Bahrain

Cong has ability to defeat BJP in 2019 polls: Rahul to Indians in Bahrain

Indian National Congress President Rahul Gandhi to visit Singapore, Canada

"The only thing India talks about is what you are allowed to eat, who are allowed to protest and what we can say or rather what we cannot say", Rahul Gandhi, on first visit overseas as Congress President, said while addressing the Indian diaspora in Bahrain. These are figures of the Govt of India. The Congress leader added that new investments are the lowest they have been in 13 years, bank credit growth has sunk to a 63 year low and "arbitrary decisions" such as last year's demonetisation had dealt a "crippling blow" to India's overall growth.

"I am here to tell you what you mean to your country, you are important, to tell you that there is a serious problem at home, and to tell you that you are part of the solution", Rahul said.

Noting that Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and B R Ambedkar were also NRIs, he said "Our ancestors needed you in 1947 to protect the idea of India and I have come to seek your help to transform India now".

Citing Mudra loans given to tens of millions of people, rise in road construction works and opening of call centres in tier two cities, Prasad said this has led to creation of employment as he refuted Rahul's charge that the Government had not created enough jobs. In his address - the first since he took over as the Congress chief - he said the government is dividing people on the basis of caste and religion and that it was channeling the fear unemployed youth have into a "hatred between communities". The youth are asking a very simple question, what are we going to do in future.

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"Job creation is at an eight-year low", Rahul claimed, "Instead of focusing on removal of poverty, creating jobs, improving healthcare and building world-class education system, we see the creation of hatred between communities".

"Activists and journalists are threatened; they are shot dead for expressing their views". People are killed due to their religious beliefs, Dalits are beaten into submission, judges investigating sensitive cases die under mysterious circumstances. Dalits are beaten into submission. "You have shown us how you have built the countries you have journeyed to".

Rahul's father and then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had committed a "sin" by passing a law under pressure from Muslim bodies to negate a Supreme Court order to provide alimony to Shah Bano after her husband divorced her, he said.

"I can not even imagine an India, where all our people do not feel part of India", he said.

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