Iowa flu cases shooting up faster than other states

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Flu hits York County. Vaccine is less effective this year

While he said the flu itself is no worse, he agreed that more people could be getting it because of a less effective vaccine. "If you haven't been immunized, there's still a vaccine available, and go ahead and get immunized".

From Dec. 31 to January 6, the Arizona Department of Health Services received 2,455 reports of flu.

Nurses, doctors, pharmacists and family practioners are keeping busy this year, as more and more influenza cases pop up across Plano.

"It hit pretty dramatically", said Dr. Mollie Spire, the Medical Director at Total Access Urgent Care.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports influenza activity has spread to 46 USA states. "I'm not sure if he has influenza but he certainly has a respiratory virus".

Seventy percent of the confirmed cases were diagnosed in November and December, the district said.

"We are now spiking, but whether we have passed the peak or are continuing to rise, it's still too early to tell", she said, adding that peaks may arrive at varying times across the country as regions and communities experience major upticks in cases at different points in the epidemic.

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In the first week of reporting in October, two cases each of the flu virus - Type A and Type B - were reported. As well, not all provinces and territories keep track of hospitalizations due to influenza.

New statistics by heath experts showed a 78% increase in GP consultation rates for flu-like illness in the past week. "We think we have likely peaked we will know better in a couple of weeks when the lab reports from the holiday season".

"Stay hydrated", she said.

If residents start to feel the symptoms of the flu - congestion, nausea, runny nose, etc - Andrews encouraged them to stay home from work or school to avoid spreading the virus.

"One thing to be aware of is; if you have a cough and a fever, and then you get better and then it comes back, we want to check you out, because after you have Influenza you're at higher risk for having pneumonia", said Dr. Tom Greidanus, Parkview Medical Center.

New Yorkers are being urged to get flu shots after a child died during this year's uptick in reported cases of the illness.

If you've managed to evade getting sick this year, count your blessings.

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