JFK airport terminal evacuated after water main breaks and floods baggage claim

A Queens man attempted to bring a loaded gun through a TSA checkpoint at JFK airport

A Queens man attempted to bring a loaded gun through a TSA checkpoint at JFK airport

Passenger's social media newsfeeds showed ground equipment plowed in at JFK, days after the "bomb cyclone" storm rumbled off the East Coast Thursday.

A water pipe broke Sunday at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport, adding more delays at the airport which is still working to recover from Winter Storm Grayson.

The Port Authority of New York & New Jersey, which oversees the airport, announced Sunday it would look into the baggage snafu.

After the airport was shut down on Thursday, January 4 due to white-out weather conditions, it reopened on Friday morning, but the problems weren't over.

In a statement, the Port Authority of NY and New Jersey said a water pipe that feeds a sprinkler system in the privately operated Terminal 4 broke at about 2 p.m., causing water to flood the terminal and significantly disrupt operations.

Those looking to get out of the city also faced major delays and frustrations.

Independent travel correspondent Simon Calder advised those stuck in NY during the storm: "Airlines have a clear and unlimited obligation to provide a hotel room and all meals, as well as transport to and from the airport, until they can get you home". Some global flights destined for Terminal 4 will be diverted or accommodated at other JFK terminals.

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That mismatch continued into Saturday, as the airlines played catch-up on the flights they had sent elsewhere or had canceled. But there was still the issue of getting her checked bags off the plane.

"Two small children hungry, thirsty and exhausted with no facilities or help in baggage reclaim". Andrea Collavo and his girlfriend were supposed to fly home to Italy on Friday after a vacation in the US, but flight cancellations and delays meant they were still trying to get into the air days later.

In Canada, temperatures approaching minus 50 deg C were forecast in northern Ontario and Quebec, while arctic blasts and dangerously cold wind chills could make it feel as low as minus 42 deg C across the eastern U.S., with the risk of frostbite to exposed skin within 10 minutes, officials warned. "It's been a long wait and we're still waiting". Airlines remain in recovery mode, rebooking passengers from canceled flights and reuniting passengers with their luggage.

As well, a Kuwait Airways jet collided with a China Southern plane while both taxiing on the runway. Cotton said the days of delays, cancellations and stranded travelers add up to a "completely unacceptable performance". Almost 50 flights were canceled and more than 300 delayed by Sunday afternoon, according to FlightAware.

"The airlines and terminal operators could not move aircraft out to the gates at the normal rate they predicted", Cotton said.

While the Port Authority says trains are running on time and planes are regulalrly taking off, transportation officials continue to face new challenges, including frozen and malfunctioning equipment.

Water flowed into Terminal 4, soaking stranded travelers' luggage and forcing a partial evacuation of the terminal, the major arrival point for worldwide travelers.

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