Kirby: Star Allies Switch Release Date Set For March, Demo Out Now

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Kirby: Star Allies Switch Release Date Set For March, Demo Out Now

Otherwise, the Switch version also delivers two player local multiplayer, 1080p visuals in TV mode (no word on portable resolution) and all the paid DLC. Wave one (January 31) will include new contender Aegislash and supports Mega Rayquaza and Mimikyu. This includes a few new games as well as ports from older Wii U titles.

New outfits from Breath of the Wild for Link and Zelda will be included.

The Mario Tennis games have always been a fixture on Nintendo consoles, with the Game Boy Color, N64 and GBA titles arguably the best ones in the franchise. The game will also feature a story mode.

Plus, the Nintendo Switch version of Payday 2 see a new playable character named Joy a Japanese computer whiz who wears a custom LED light mask that changes her appearance as she sees fit. Players will be able to mix some abilities while playing with friends in co-op.

The DS version of the game utilized the console's unique features, such as shouting through the microphone, performing motions on the touchscreen, so it will be interesting to see what the Switch version of the game will be bringing to the table.

Mario Tennis Aces, meanwhile, will be available on Nintendo Switch this spring. This is due out in Autumn 2018 for the Nintendo Switch.

The release dates vary, but Nintendo is aiming to ship all of this content to you in the first half of the year.

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Lastly, Super Mario Odyssey will be getting a free update which adds a new competitive Balloon Hunt mode, new cosmetic items and a handful of extra photo filters. There are two modes; "hide it" and "find it".

More than just a new "Mario Tennis" game, Nintendo debuted a gaggle of new games headed to the Switch this year. Unfortunately, it's only a minigame with leaderboards, but Nintendo knows their audience: "It's like a new form of objective-based speedrunning!" as the announcer described it in the Direct video.

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy was announced, it will feature an all-female ensemble.

Fe and Celeste More third-party titles for Nintendo Switch announced at the event. This one is expected to drop on 25 January. Like previous games in the franchise, "Tropical Freeze" puts Donkey Kong and the rest of his family through a perilous adventure across dozens of gorgeous, brilliantly crafted 2D levels.

Nintendo today held a Direct Mini that everyone had been expecting since EA internal documents leaked mid-December.

"Dark Souls" is a game known for being brutally hard and sharply designed.

Here are all the big announcements from today's Direct.

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