Robert De Niro blasts Trump in expletive-filled tirade

Charles Sykes  Invision  AP | BDN

Charles Sykes Invision AP | BDN

Until Robert De Niro took the stage on Tuesday to introduce Meryl Streep at the National Board of Review awards gala, the night had largely been a ho-hum affair, lacking the drama of other events during film awards season, like the Golden Globes on Sunday. In his speech, De Niro noted Hanks' illustrious acting career, including his role in Castaway, "opposite a volleyball named Wilson".

"This idiot is our president, it's like being removed from the king's new clothes".

The actor even held an anti-Trump rally in New York City post-election, and while giving a talk to a class of Brown University graduates in May after being awarded an honorary degree, he declared that, "in movie terms", the USA was once "an inspiring uplifting drama" but has since turned into "a tragic dumb-ass comedy".

- Remy Carreiro (@Remy_Anne) January 10, 2018 The irony of course is that Robert De Niro didn't say anything about Trump that his own cabinet members, Rupert Murdoch and his rich supposed friends don't reportedly say about him.

During his speech, De Niro likened Trump to President Nixon and the Pentagon Papers, attempting to tie in his political tirade to his task of introducing Streep as the best actress victor. That's why he went all in on insulting the president, whom he's nicknamed the "jerkoff-in-chief" and a "f**king fool".

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The actor then briefly turned his attack to the "petty, vindictive" President Richard Nixon and his efforts to stop the New York Times and The Post from publishing the secret study of the Vietnam War.

"Today the world is suffering from the real Donald Trump", the actor continued.

What better way to honor Meryl Streep than to take a jab at President Donald Trump? "Ah, the good old days", he quipped. He just said it in De Niro-ese (with lots of cussing).

He also made reference to the #TimesUp campaign in which Meryl is a pioneering founder.

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