Rumour: Deadpool director developing a Kitty Pryde X-Men spinoff movie

Hey, X-Fans: Good News Is, You're Getting DEADPOOL 2 One Week Earlier

'X-Men' Shake-Up: 'Deadpool 2,' 'Gambit,' 'The New Mutants' Get New Dates (Exclusive)

According to a report by Entertainment Weekly, 20 Century Fox has made a decision to push back 'New Mutants' to 22 February 2019 instead of 12 April 2018.

New Mutants sees its release date move from April 13, 2019 to February 22, 2019. That said, they need to find a director for that one soon. In the wake of Disney's landmark purchase of 20th Century Fox's film/TV interests, there have of course been many questions asked as to how, or if, the existing X-Men universe will continue on its own terms before being in some way integrated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What are the reasons for these delays exactly?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the X-Men franchise has changed the release dates of a few of its upcoming projects.

Well, "New Mutants" was one of my most anticipated movies of 2018. The new release date puts Deadpool 2 a week ahead of the Star Wars box office domination that's sure to come with Solo: A Star Wars story, a smart move considering the Star Wars films have proven to have long legs. Deadpool will now return to theaters up against Sony's horror pic Slender Man.

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It is the latest turn on the project, which at previous points had Doug Liman and Rupert Wyatt attached to direct the pic about Gambit/Remy LeBeau (Tatum), who has the ability to charge matter with volatile kinetic energy, turning anything he touches into a weapon. He just might be able to pull this off, and he's also been looking to get behind the camera, developing potential directorial debuts such as Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock and The Son.

You're in less luck if you had your eye on The New Mutants or Gambit.

These are interesting times for 20 Century Fox and their X-Men series.

Moving New Mutants into 2019 also reduces the number of X-Men properties released this year from three to two (Deadpool and X-Men: Dark Phoenix).

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