Vivo Launches First In - Screen Fingerprint Scanner

Vivo under the display fingerprint sensor

Synaptics to ship in-display fingerprint sensors with Vivo smartphones

Mainstream fingerprint recognition solutions are based on capacitive sensing technology. Rather, according to that report, which cited comments from a "reputable tech researcher" made on Chinese social media, it will be Vivo (makers of high-end Android smartphones like the Xplay6) who'll be first to publicly demonstrate and lay out plans for implementing the technology.

This latest fingerprint scanning technology delivers a whole new mobile experience by enabling users to unlock their smartphone through one-touch fingerprint scanning directly on the smartphone display, while solving the industry's challenge of providing a better and more convenient fingerprint authentication experience in future smartphones.

The firm says Apple has embedded fingerprint scanning in iPhones and iPads since it acquired Authentic in 2013.

However, maybe you prefer fingerprint sensor over even a state-of-the-art face unlocking like Face ID, and you definitely want it in the front because you need to unlock the phone a billion times a day while it's laying on the desk, and you still want a huge display that takes up almost all the room from the front face of the phone.

It adds that designs of smartphone displays are shifting towards higher screen-to-body ratio and full frontal screen. With Vivo's announcement, in-display fingerprint sensor is now officially here and we expect more companies to use the technology as they look to come with bezel-less displays.

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Not exactly a household name in the Western smartphone business, Vivo is big enough in China that its description as a top five brand by Synaptics was in fact accurate, at least for a little while. Under display fingerprint sensor is a technology that has been long expected to arrive as smartphone manufactures bring out edge-to-edge displays.

Capacitive fingerprint sensing chips and TDDI chips were the key product lines of Synaptics from 2016 to 2017.

"In Vivo's R&D plan, fingerprint scanning will not be carried out by an independent button or region". The active engagements of these companies indicate in-display fingerprint sensing will bring about a new trend for smartphones.

The company now has big automotive aspirations, but more importantly, it managed to be the first company to show us actually working under-display fingerprint sensor. While it travels on the surface, it creates a 3D map of the fingerprint under the display. A fingerprint sensor is more practical. As with any new technology, it will take a few iterations to refine.

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