"Detective Pikachu" Aims for March 23 Release with Massive amiibo

Pokemon Crystal Coming to 3DS on January 26th

Detective Pikachu is on the case, coming March 2018

The inexplicable nature of Detective Pikachu as the originator of a multimedia franchise continues to be impressive, mostly due to the fact that Ryan Reynolds can be attached to a move about a game that hasn't been released in North America yet. Tim has come to Ryme City in search of his father, Harry Goodman. The Amiibo is much larger than the standard sized figures, and when used with the game it will "unlock short videos that may contain helpful hints for your investigation".

It's nearly twice as tall as a regular Pikachu amiibo! Nintendo will also add an Easy Mode for players who've been stumped by the game's mysteries.

However, the announcement of Detective Pikachu for the west means more goodies.

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A special Pikachu and his friend Tim uncover the mysteries of Ryme City in Detective Pikachu for systems in the Nintendo 3DS family. This will possibly be explained in the game, or it's just something like the Team Rocket Meowth in the Pokémon TV series, where it's not really addressed (outside of that one episode, but even then, the reasoning is more or less "just because").

Detective Pikachu may have lost the "Great" part from its Japanese title, and it may have taken two years to find its way outside of Japan, but the giant amiibo is new for everyone. He isn't doing it alone, of course, with the gritty, coffee-addicted Detective Pikachu at his side.

The Internet lost its mind when Detective Pikachu was announced back in 2016, mostly because the titular Pikachu talks in the game (the Internet would have a similar reaction to Pikachu talking in Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You!). The New 2DS XL Pikachu Edition has been confirmed for a January 26, 2018 release.

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