Game of Thrones spin-off launch date confirmed - but big changes announced

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones spin-off launch date confirmed - but big changes announced

In an interview with TVLine, HBO president Casey Bloys revealed that the upcoming prequel spinoffs for Game of Thrones that are in development (there are five total) will not include any of the show's current characters.

It will interesting to see which comes out in the end, as it is likely there can be only one.

"We know we have six episodes", series star Kit Harington said in an interview earlier this month, we are not sure whether they will run for 70 minutes or even 90 minutes".

'This story, A Song of Fire and Ice, is done.

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We've heard as much before and it makes sense that HBO would at least spread the two shows out as much as they have for previous seasons of Game of Thrones. These things take time.

"I suppose we could've said to them, 'You must deliver by this date,"' he continued. "We're not doing a final season and then, 'Following it at 11 p.m. -'". It's a hard work to adapt considering many believe it to be the greatest comic book series of all time - just look at the divided reaction to Zack Snyder's 2009 film version - but Lindelof seems very up for the challenge. Not everybody is on the same schedule, so I've seen different versions of different things that are potentially exciting. I don't have a timetable when we're going to make decisions on anything. But after HBO greenlit a new season set in the Ozarks last fall (and cast Mahershala Ali, Stephen Dorff, and Carmen Ejogo), there was some hope that maybe we'd get the new season in 2018.

We won't get another glimpse at the ladies of Monterey and their drama-filled lives in the second season of Golden Globes-winning Big Little Lies until 2019, HBO confirmed Thursday.

Benioff and Weiss will not be involved in any of the Game of Thrones prequels, so their plates should be clear enough for Confederate, assuming it isn't so radioactive HBO chooses not to air it.

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