Paige's In-Ring Career Reportedly Done

Report: Paige's WWE in-ring career is over

WWE News: Paige will never wrestle again after serious injury – reports

So if she really is "done" with wrestling, then they must have determined she's too injured to continue her in-ring career.

Reports suggest she will only be removed as an in-ring competitor and may still appear in WWE shows in a non-wrestling capacity. Thanks to her parents also being wrestlers, Paige started wrestling herself at the tender age of 13.

It was initially believed that Paige had suffered a stinger, but further testing reportedly found that it was worse than initially expected, per Johnson. She tried to get up but could not get her legs under her, finally did get up and turned to grab Banks, immediately falling down again and rolling over to her back, where she stayed. PWInsider is reporting Paige is being forced to retire from in-ring performance due to injuries.

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Paige will have to be written off of the 2018 Royal Rumble. Paige was supposed to perform at the first-ever Women's Royal Rumble match on January 28, but that obviously won't be happening anymore. She will be replaced in the match and all signs are that she will relegated to a non-physical role for the company going forward.

But now that we know she's known about being potentially retired at just 25 years-old, this post could be a defiant message that she wants to return to the ring no matter what. She joined WWE's developmental program in 2011 and graduated to the main card in April 2014, before becoming the youngest Diva champion in WWE history. Despite making her return to WWE two months ago, she may never be medically cleared by WWE in the near future. The film itself is based on a documentary.

Neither she nor WWE have made any public statements since the initial report hit the web.

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