Singapore in lowest risk level on U.S. travel warning advisory

Greece at lowest risk level, says US State Department

State Department makes changes to travel warning system

The Department of State provides additional advice for travelers in these areas in the Travel Advisory. "These improvements will provide U.S. citizens with clear, timely, and reliable safety and security information worldwide", the State Department said.

According to the report, the department of State's Bureau of Consular Affairs categorised Level One as "exercise normal precaution" on USA travellers, Level Two is "exercise increase caution", Level Three is "reconsider travel", and Level Four is "do not travel".

Georgia was listed as level 1, the category described as "the lowest advisory level for safety and security risk". Armenia's neighbor Georgia has also been ranked in the same category, while Azerbaijan has been included in Level 2, where the State Department recommends toexercise increased caution. Countries designated level 3 and above will be reviewed every 6 months for safety assessments, and further reviews will be carried out based on current events.

For each country that has a Level 2 or above, the warning will specify what the risks or threats are and why travelers may need to reconsider travel, exercise caution or not to travel at all.

Officials in the Kenyan government and the country's tourism industry are likely to welcome the changes initiated by the Trump administration. Advisories are based on information from intelligence agencies, U.S. embassies and host countries' governments, she said.

The United States has advised its citizens to reconsider travelling to Pakistan citing terrorism in the country as the reason.

Specifically, Level 1 is "Exercise Normal Precautions"; Level 2 "Exercise Increased Caution; Level 3 "Reconsider Travel"; and Level 4 "Do Not Travel". U.S. has been ranked as the highest source of tourists to Kenya.

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The levels are meant to communicate the risk of travel to each country but are advisories only.

Countries have been issuing travel advisories for its citizens time and again, considering the present global scenario.

Explaining the revised USA notification system, State Department official Michelle Bernier-Toth told reporters that "over the years, we've come to recognise that sometimes our various documents were not readily understood".

But some of the other countries' ratings may raise eyebrows - or global anger - even if the State Department says it is only presenting existing advice in a new format.

The State Department does, however, restrict the use of a USA passport for travel to North Korea.

None of levels prohibits travel. This could also solve some confusion travelers often had about the meaning of a travel warning or alert versus an advisory.

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