Trump administration proposes to open almost all United States offshore to oil drilling

California leaders vow to fight Trump expansion of offshore oil drilling

Trump to open US waters for offshore oil drilling; a disaster for environment

The move to drill in protected waters is the latest in a string of anti-environment measures taken by the Trump administration, the most dramatic of which was the United States withdrawal from the Paris climate change agreement.

In December, the EPA announced it will hold three public listening sessions on its plan to kill the Clean Power Plan, prompted by complaints that the single public hearing last month in Charleston, West Virginia, was woefully inadequate.

"To kick off a national discussion, you need a national plan - something that has been lacking the past several years", said Randall Luthi, president of the National Ocean Industries Association.

Carbajal's bill, House Resolution 731, the California Clean Coast Act, would permanently ban offshore oil and gas leasing in the outer continental shelf off the state's coastline. It prohibits the state from entering into any new leases within state tidelands. And it's the same thing out there in the Gulf of Mexico off of Florida.

Canary CEO Dan Eberhart on Monday said the Trump administration's proposal will ultimately lead to America buying less foreign oil, which in turn will stimulate job growth.

States and environmental groups are expected to challenge the new program.

In 2017, the California Senate passed a resolution opposing new oil or gas drilling in federal waters located offshore California.

Last April, Governor Brown, Governor Kate Brown and Governor Jay Inslee issued a joint statement in response to a planned presidential executive order to revise offshore oil and gas leasing in federal waters. After those meetings, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management expects to publish a final plan, which would then be shared with the public, for it to read and comment on.

President Donald Trump will revoke bans on offshore drilling and offer leases in 47 areas of the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans. Marine sanctuaries also would remain off limits.

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Zinke said the revenue raised by the lease auctions would be invested in renovating national parks.

But Hartmann cited the Plains All American Pipeline spill in May 2015 near Refugio Beach as one of the reasons she opposes the offshore drilling plan. A Field/IGS poll in 2016 found 90 percent of Californians believe that protecting the coastline is important. The greens are fond of referring to "fragile earth" as if our poor, helpless planet is too weak to withstand disasters like the Exxon-Valdez oil spill in Alaska's Prince William Sound and Deepwater Horizon incident. Chief among them were the disastrous offshore oil spills that fouled US waters, devastating wildlife and coastal economies. "That's why that is prohibited in law, until the year 2022", Nelson said.

The Santa Barbara Democrat's SB 834 would make it next to impossible to transport oil or gas to shore in California. The pipelines, when completed, will bring hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil to US refineries daily. It was expected that this change was positively accepted by the oil industry, but received strong opposition from environmental organizations and even representatives of the Republican Party.

"The central coast knows too well the damage caused by oil spills, our local economies and fragile ocean ecosystems can not afford another disastrous spill", Carbajal said in a statement. This reckless proposal for a new offshore drilling spree should face widespread, bipartisan opposition. "We've fought similar efforts before, and we will fight them again".

"I don't know what we could do that would have any effect", he said.

Republican Gov. Rick Scott, a Trump supporter, immediately called for removing Florida's offshore waters from the plan.

Jackson initially introduced the bill previous year, after Trump signed an executive order instructing the Department of the Interior to review regulations on offshore energy development. Coal production has ticked up sightly, largely due to a rise in exports.

Two south Louisiana congressmen, one former and one current, applauded a proposed federal five-year plan for drilling that would open vast new areas of the Gulf, the Atlantic and the Pacific to energy exploration and production.

"Seaside communities, businesses, and elected officials from both parties have consistently opposed risky offshore drilling because of the grave threat it poses to their way of life, our climate, and local economies that rely on tourism and fishing", he said. USA oil production reached almost 10 million barrels a day in October, the highest level since the start of the 1970s.

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