Donald Trump's Doctor Says He's In Excellent Health

Mr Trump's reported remarks sparked fury and disbelief

Mr Trump's reported remarks sparked fury and disbelief

The White House defended Mr Trump's policies on immigration and failed to deny he had made such comments. The most "tough" thing at the scandalous meeting was the "outlandish proposal" made by the bipartisan group on DACA, he added. Several local leaders spoke on the president's vulgar remarks Friday morning before the Chicago's 32nd Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Interfaith Breakfast, including Durbin.

"Apparently he and I are the only two people that use a few curse words here and there", Scaramucci wrote on Twitter. They don't blink. They stand tall and they have dignity. The White House itself does not deny it.

In a statement seen by on Saturday, January 13, Odinga termed Trump's comments as unfortunate and troubling. I have not read one of them that's inaccurate. It is not true.

The remarks, Mr Durbin said, were "vile, hate-filled and clearly racial in their content".

With Friday being the eight year anniversary of the catastrophic quake in Haiti, Jacques says it brings the conversation full circle - knowing many link those images of destruction and devastation, labeling the country, but he says it won't limit them.

"The point is, if you have a Ph.D., I don't care what country you're from, we want you", Barry Bennett, a former Trump adviser, told The Hill newspaper.

We agree with many priorities that Republicans in Washington have pursued this year.

Illinois AG says girl can use medical marijuana at school
Jim and Maureen Surin have sued the state of IL on behalf of their daughter Ashley (right) over the state's medical marijuana law. She can think more clearly, concentrate and speak longer sentences because she is taking the marijuana oil, her parents said.

That was the nature of this conversation.

The US President described Haiti and Africa as "shithole countries" while discussing immigration last week. They look you in the eye. "He said, 'Oh, that's a good line.' "When I talked to him about the impact this has on family unification, in a nation that values families with the flag as the most important symbols of our future, they scoffed at this notion".

The ambassadors did not consult their governments before issuing the resolution, he said, adding that some could now expect to receive phone calls from their capitals because of the text's strong tone.

This is not the first time Trump has sought to blame Democrats for the thorny debate over the immigration program, tweeting earlier this month that they were "doing nothing".

It is a view of America that was embraced by some large numbers of voters, who cheered Trump's vision of a fortress America, where dark-skinned immigrants were kept out by a great wall.

Less than three hours later, Durbin and a Republican colleague, Senator Lindsey Graham, drove away from the White House with the deal in pieces and a controversy over offensive language about to reverberate worldwide.

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