Here is why passport may no longer be a valid address proof

The Indian Security Press Nasik will design the new passport in two different colours. File

The Indian Security Press Nasik will design the new passport in two different colours. File

Earlier, it was reported that the government is mulling over removing the last page which includes the address of the passport holder.

Indian Security Press, Nasik will design the new passports and will be handed to citizens after their existing ones expire.

The MEA also plans to issue orange passports to holders who require emigration check.

The orange passport will be issued to those who belong to the Emigration Check Required (ECR) category, while the blue one to the rest.

India saw a rise of 30 percent in demand for passports following the liberalization of passport policies announced on 23 December 2016.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Sunday accused the Bharatiya Janata Party of harbouring a discriminatory mindset after the Centre proposed to issue different coloured passports for those with and without the Emigration Check Required status.

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Mr Shabbir Ali, former minister for NRI affairs, said, "The orange passport will identify a person as less qualified".

The history of passport dates back to approximately 450 BC when King Artaxerxes I of Persia issued a letter to an official named Nehemiah for travelling beyond his country to Judea, the modern day Israel.

Passports have been a key component of the Ministry of External Affairs under the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the ministry has accelerated the process of printing and distributing passports to Indian citizens since the government came to power in May 2014.

As of now, the last page of the passport showcases the address, while the first page has the photograph and name.

A senior government official claimed that a passport cover which visibly stigmatised its holder as not being well-educated may not be helpful and rather make them an easy prey for unscrupulous elements.

As per the new design of the passport, the last page would be blank; and this means, the address won't be present there. Till then the old passports would remain valid till their typical expiry date.

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