Klopp Explains Why Liverpool Sold Coutinho

Liverpool's Luis Suarez celebrates scoring the second goal against West Bromwich Albion during the Premiership match at Anfield

Have Barcelona lost trust in La Masia?

Coutinho's absence from the Liverpool squad that beat Merseyside rivals Everton in the FA Cup over a week ago led to concerns among Liverpool fans that he was on his way out.

The Liverpool manager added: "You can not use him if he's not 100 per cent. Philippe Coutinho is a world class player but if he's not 100 per cent, he's not that worldwide class, Premier League class, then you lose the grip". And to use him as a player in the second half of the season... does it make sense?

Carragher's point about Coutinho's excellent form since last summer is undeniably true, and evidence suggests that the midfielder would have continued to play well until the summer, had Liverpool retained him.

"I knew when it will come up again in this transfer window". However, Liverpool accepted the very generous offer, and Coutinho is now a Barcelona player, but Carragher can't comprehend why his old club let the player go now. I knew it would be very hard if we said you had to stay here. But we tried everything [to keep Coutinho].

"There was a moment when we had to accept that".

Coutinho was linked with Barcelona in the summer, but stayed at Liverpool and scored 12 times in 20 appearances this season before his move to Spain. "He didn't always [produce] to be honest because he's a human being". "There is nothing to say about that", Klopp said.

In case you didn't know.

. You can read it out of reaction. "The fact is he has gone now we have to think, 'what have we got that is going to get the job done?'" "But I could not decide differently". If anybody would say afterwards it's because he didn't fight enough, they will never know 100 percent all the information. Messi however had different thoughts, persuading the player to remain at the club and push for an as good as ever contract.

"Ok, he chose to move to Barca, it's not a bad choice to be fair!"

"The boys really do a lot in their rehab situation and, if we have time, we bring them a little bit later into team training so that they can do a little bit more specific physical work".

Klopp a closed book when asked about early Keita arrival
"Information from within Leipzig this evening that Naby Keita will become a Liverpool player on Sunday". He is starting today. "There is nothing more to say".

He said: "There was no other option".

"We have no money issues at this club".

Carragher, who made 737 appearances for Liverpool, insists the loss of Coutinho will put Liverpool's challenge for a Champions League spot under threat. Did I think we can still use him?

"Sadio Mané. Okay, you'd say not all the teams wanted him but they want him now", Klopp said. "That is easy because we still have fantastic players here". "Manchester City have young players and Liverpool have their own too".

Jurgen Klopp wasn't sure of the Brazilian's true commitment to the club, and once someone's heart may not be in it, a change of scenery is best for all involved. That's not how it will be.

The man who remains at Liverpool took to social media to express his sadness at no longer being able to work with Coutinho.

"We don't play "hero football". It's not one hero and the rest try to help. We need to buy better than what we already have and top English keepers just aren't at the same level as a De Gea, IIoris or Oblak, and we need TOP.

Their No. 9 is now contracted until the summer of 2020, but Liverpool wants to make sure that, if they have to lose Firmino at any point, then they will be able to command the highest fee possible due to having complete security on the contract front.

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