PM Narendra Modi congratulates ISRO for successful 100th satellite launch

The Indian Space Research Organisation will conduct landing simulation tests for Chandrayaan-2 spacecraft at Mahendragiri in coming weeks

PM Narendra Modi congratulates ISRO for successful 100th satellite launch

Friday's launch is the latest in a string of successes for the Indian space agency.

"Congratulations to team ISRO on the successful launch of its 100th satellite with Cartosat-2 series Satellite Mission".

Todays mission marked a milestone in ISROs annals with a micro satellite, among the three Indian spacecraft launched, becoming the 100th to roll out through ISRO Satellite Centre Complex (ISAC).

The minister said the countries which had started their space missions earlier than India like the United States were now reposing faith on ISRO for launching their satellites. "Of the 31 satellites, 28 belonging to 6 other countries are carried by today's launch", he added.

The flight on Friday is the first since a rare mission failure on August 31 past year when a PSLV rocket did not release a protective heat shield that cocoons a rocket's satellite payloads from the high temperatures during the journey into space.

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This PSLV-C40 launched 31 satellites, including 710kg Cartosat-2 series satellite for earth observation and 30 co-passenger satellites together weighing about 613kg at lift-off.

Modi's government has been promoting a domestic space programme as a demonstration of low-priced technology and last February launched 104 satellites in a single mission, a lot of them for foreign customers.

As the rocket flew against a sullen skyline, the smaller satellites from foreign vendors were placed in orbit, one after the other.

"PSLV-C40 is a highly sophisticated surveillance tool to keep an eye on Indian borders and will help the government track progress of infrastructure projects", said Pallava Bagla, a science writer and co-author of "Reaching for the Stars: India's Journey to Mars".

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