Young immigrants facing deportation look to Congress for quick action on DACA

DACA Deal Uncertain After Trump's Derogatory Comments

Immigration advocates say DACA's future still uncertain

Democrats and many Republicans do not want to authorize federal funds to build Trump's proposed physical barrier on the U.S. -Mexico border. The Associated Press on Saturday, Jan. 13, 2018 obtained details of the agreement between three Republican and three Democratic senators. "We have been working for four months and have reached an agreement in principle that addresses border security, the diversity visa lottery, chain migration/family reunification, and the Dream Act - the areas outlined by the President".

FILE - In this Tuesday, Sept. 5, 2017, file photo, Sen.

But the president wants the southern border wall he promised on the campaign trail, and the DACA immigrants are about his only bargaining chip.

Under the executive order, those who were brought to the United States illegally as children, who meet certain requirements, are free from deportation.

"Its' tragic, their livelihood, their future in being held hostage by politicians, people they have never met, for the sake of political expediency", she said. Its proponents - led by Sens.

At Wednesday's meeting with lawmakers, Trump said he would be willing to place a DACA fix within a "bill of love", but did not specify what such legislation would entail.

The U.S. Catholic bishops "are encouraged by the consensus" that emerged from a White House meeting that a legislative solution for DACA is "urgently needed", said the chairman of the bishops' Committee on Migration.

Leaders on Capitol Hill are busy trying to strike a deal on immigration, just days before a potential government shutdown.

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Twelve-year pathway to citizenship.

SALT LAKE CITY- Local immigration attorneys are applauding a federal ruling to block the Trump administration from ending the DACA program, but they're pushing for a more permanent solution.

"Where are they going to be able to live?"

Additional $1.1 billion surveillance technology, retaining and relocating Border Patrol agents.

Lottery distributes up to 50,000 for visas annually to people from countries that send few immigrants to the U.S. It is a major entry way for people from African nations.

In its continuing coverage of the US immigration debate, the Vatican newspaper noted media reports that President Donald Trump "used particularly harsh and offensive words about immigrants" from several countries. Documents did not define what those terms mean.

U.S District Judge William Alsup of the Northern District of California ruled Tuesday that the program must continue and those already approved for DACA protections and work permits must be allowed to renew them before they expire.

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