Vampire Chronicles Series Being Developed By Anne Rice And Bryan Fuller

Interview with a Vampire

Interview with a Vampire

Paramount TV and Anonymous Content are developing Rice's Vampire Chronicles books for TV, with Fuller collaborating with Rice and her son Christopher on the pilot episode.

Fuller is being eyed as a potential showrunner for the TV series, which is now underway with Paramount Television and Anonymous Content. Sometime in the 1980's, a young teenager from Washington State, who dreamed of working in Hollywood one day, decided it was his destiny to write a film adaptation of a novel called INTERVIEW WITH THE VAMPIRE.

When asked about the network's much-anticipated Vampire Lestat based series, Paramount TV president Amy Powell said "Bryan Fuller is working with Anne Rice and Chris, who are writing the pilot".

Anne Rice's son and collaborator on the project, Christopher Rice, revealed the news with an awesome anecdote on Facebook, sharing that when he was just a teenager, Fuller had looked Rice up in the phone book and told her he had a dream of adapting her books for the screen one day. The adaptation resulted in critical and financial success, with co-star Kirsten Dunst earning herself a Best Supporting Actress nomination at the Golden Globe Awards at only 12 years old.

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There is no release date or casting information for the TV adaptation of the series.

"It is undeniable that Anne Rice has created the paradigm against which all vampire stories are measured". We can only hope things go more smoothly with Lestat, Louis, and Rice's other vampires should this all work out. "The series is full of compelling characters led by Lestat, arguably one of the greatest original characters, literary or otherwise".

Fuller will be teaming up with Paramount Television and Anonymous Content for the new television series. Fans of the Rices knew some kind of announcement surrounding the series was imminent, as Anne Rice posted that major news would be coming very soon in the new year on her Facebook page.

Stay tuned for details about The Vampire Chronicles.

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