Cape Town faucets may run dry

Former Leader of the Democratic Alliance Tony Leon talks to delegates 10 May 2015 at the Boardwalk conference centre in Port Elizabeth during the DA federal Conference

Cape Town faucets may run dry

Cape Town in South Africa could run out of water by April, as the city faces its worst drought in a century, Reuters reported. Around 9 percent of South Africa's economic output came from travel and tourism a year ago.

Day zero is likely to become a reality on 21 April as the result of the 60% of Capetonians who are ignoring water limits.

With dam levels now at 28.7 percent capacity and only 39 percent of Capetonians using 87 litres of water or less per day, additional water restrictions are on the cards.

If it happens, Cape Town would become the first major city in the world to shut down entirely the supply of running water in all of its homes.

At a trial water collection site, similar to an estimated 200 the city may introduce, people queue between metal fences waiting to fill up containers from standpipes.

"There is a real risk that residents will have to queue".

To avoid this disaster, the city is now asking residents to limit themselves to 50 litres per day.

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"We know that the thirst for De Lille's blood has more to do with fighting over tenders instead of getting to the bottom of rampant corruption, irregular conduct and maladministration in the Democratic Alliance (DA) led City of Cape Town" said acting ANC Western Cape chairperson Khaya Magaxa at a press conference in Cape Town.

Capetonians have also been discouraged from using borehole water in order to preserve ground water sources.

"At this point, we must assume that they will not change their behaviour", she said.

In a possible sign of things to come, security guards have been monitoring a steady flow of cars and people lining up at AB-Inbev's Newlands brewery to get up to 25 litres of free water from a mountain stream on its property.

After three years of drought, the city's dams have just 36% water left in them, the ABC report said. We ask residents to contact the City beforehand on or enquire at their nearest walk-in centre.

"We are making do".

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