Contraceptive App Natural Cycles Blamed for Playing Role in 37 Unwanted Pregnancies

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The app monitors the body temperature during the menstrual cycle to notify women when they can have unprotected sex without worrying about pregnancies.

Choosing the right contraception can be tricky, and many women change their method of use quite regularly to see what suits them best.

A contraceptive app is being investigated after 37 women seeking abortions blamed it for their unwanted pregnancy.

Natural Cycles gained certification in the European Union at a contraceptive method in February last year, and is one of numerous fertility-tracking apps to rise to prominence in recent years.

Used "typically", which allows for occasional human error on the part of the user, Natural Cycles is 93% effective, making it about as reliable as the contraceptive pill, and significantly more reliable than condoms, according to NHS statistics on typical use.

Not convinced? Cut to Natural Cycles, a birth control app that's now being blamed for 37 unwanted pregnancies, according to Swedish publication SVT. Naturally, Twitter users had a lot to say about the app's shortcomings. Using an algorithm, the app analyzes the woman's body temperature and predicts the time of the month when a woman is in cycle and in need to use protection to prevent a pregnancy. The app is designed for users aged 18 years and over, and Natural Cycles says younger users should consider another form of contraception.

Workers at a hospital in Stockholm are claiming that 37 women who used the £40 app fell pregnant in the last quarter of 2017.

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"No contraception is 100 per cent and unwanted pregnancies is an unfortunate risk with any contraception", they told the Evening Standard.

The Natural Cycles app claims to be 93% effective under typical use.

After midwives noticed the high volume of complaints, they told SVT that the hospital was going to report Natural Cycles to the Swedish regulatory organization Medical Product Agency.

"According to Natural Cycles" own reported data, the app is more effective than the contraceptive pill. "At first sight, the numbers mentioned in the media are not surprising given the popularity of the app and in line with our efficacy rates".

You understand that the accuracy of the information provided by the Services may depend on Individual circumstances which can not be known or foreseen by Natural Cycles, and that such information may not be applicable and/or may have become outdated as result of recent developments.

Natural Cycles claims to be a highly effective method of contraception.

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