French Film Legend Brigitte Bardot Slams "Hypocritical and Ridiculous" #MeToo Movement

Brigitte Bardot Calls #MeToo Movement “Hypocritical And Ridiculous”

French Film Legend Brigitte Bardot Slams "Hypocritical and Ridiculous" #MeToo Movement

"I was never the victim of sexual harassment", she added.

Bardot's comments also come a week after fellow French star Catherine Deneuve sparked a worldwide feminist backlash by defending men's right to "hit on" women.

Brigitte Bardot has become the latest iconic French actress to criticise the #MeToo movement which continues to oust sexual harassers in Hollywood.

'I was never the victim of sexual harassment.

In an interview with Paris Match magazine, Bardot asserted that for actresses specifically, "not women in general", "the vast majority of cases" are "hypocritical, ridiculous, without interest". "Then when they tell the story afterwards, they say they have been harassed ... in actual fact, rather than benefit them, it only harms them".

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"I still find it hard to understand what happened to me", she said. "This kind of compliment is nice".

But Deneuve later distanced herself from some of the other signatories after one claimed that women can orgasm during rape.

Ansari released a statement confirming parts of her statement but added: "It was true that everything did seem okay to me".

In the article, Atwood talked about how she was portrayed as a bad feminist by critics after she defended a former professor of the University of British Columbia, Steve Galloway, who was accused of sexual assault and fired from his post regardless of the fact that he was cleared of the charges by the authorities.

Signed by 100 French women writers, performers and academics, and published by Le Monde newspaper last week, the letter condemned the #MeToo movement for becoming a puritanical "witch-hunt" which threatened sexual freedom. She also claimed the movement was the result of a legal system that had failed.

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