Region sees flurries, but no white Christmas

Dangerously cold weather in the forecast for south central Montana

Sub-zero temps on the way

Authorities have asked residents to stay off city streets until the snow stops and roads can reopen. In northern IN, police said smooth and cold street conditions could even now make driving troublesome for occasion explorers. This year gives Seattle their third White Christmas in the last 100 years. The snowfall shattered the city's all-time one-day record of 20 inches, recorded on November 11, 1956. There were no injuries, JetBlue said.

It was even noticeably snowy in Washington state and OR on Christmas Day, a rarity that's only occured a handful of times since the 1880s, according to the National Weather Service.

Travel in these areas will be challenging with low visibility and high winds.

Thursday will be mostly sunny with a high of 23 and a low of 12.

"Expect wind chills to range from 10 below zero to 15 below zero", according to the National Weather Service.

Tuesday morning saw low temperatures across the continental USA, according to meteorologist Ryan Maue.

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While many Garden State children squeezed their eyes shut Christmas Eve hoping to awaken under an extra blanket of white, most found coal in their wind socks: Gusts of damp air and a little sleet fell on the state overnight, forcing history buffs and ski bums to adjust their expectations. The National Weather Service warned that those whose skin was exposed in such conditions could get frostbite in as little as 15 minutes.

The snow could be heavy at times. Only Warren, Morris and Sussex counties received 1 inch or more of fresh snow by Christmas morning.

That was just enough to provide a picturesque backdrop for those gathering for Christmas dinners.

Blacksburg, Va. National Weather Service Meteorologist Andrew Loconto said the Bluefield area could see 1 to 2.5 inches of snow on Christmas morning.

Keep track of power outages, from the three major utility companies, as they happen across the state using the N.J. Outage Tracker below.

Most of IN had been under winter weather advisory with officials urging motorists to stay put unless they absolutely had to travel. ME got 15 inches of snow during a snowstorm, and New Hampshire saw about one foot, according to ABC News. "The good news is it will be dry".

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