The Brexit Bill: (almost) nothing has changed (yet)

European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker delivers a speech during a debate on the last December European summit and Brexit at the European Parliament in Strasbourg France

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Nearly 50 Labour MPs ignored instructions to abstain on a cross-party vote on single market membership - among them Welsh backbenchers Chris Bryant, Ann Clwyd, Geraint Davies, Stephen Doughty, Susan Elan Jones, Madeleine Moon, Albert Owen and Jo Stevens.

British MPs gave the green light, on January 18, to a landmark Brexit Bill, after weeks of debate and a damaging government defeat, but the legislation now faces a battle in the House of Lords. It was defeated by 322 votes to 99.

A leaked copy of Labour's own advice to its MPs said that the amendment "pretends you can "guarantee" the outcome of the negotiations and to remain a "member" of the customs union and single market".

She said: "Perhaps it could very well be argued that the Government made a mistake in rushing to say no to the customs union, no to the single market without fully understanding the implications".

"Doesn't that demonstrate what a profound error it has been, especially when we know now that those decisions on those red lines were taken apparently with no assessment at all of the economic impact".

They will attend the inter-parliamentary forum on Brexit, which brings together the relevant committees from both Houses of Parliament and the devolved legislatures. "The Bill will leave this House unamended and in an unsatisfactory state, and we are now dependent on unelected Lords to do our job for us".

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Scottish Conservative MPs observed the government whip voting against Labour's amendment to Clause 11 of the bill which was meant to preserve powers previously devolved to both Holyrood and Cardiff.

Commenting on Wednesday night's vote, Brexit Secretary David Davis said: "We are pleased that the bill has successfully completed this stage of its passage through Parliament".

"It ensures that on day one we will have a statute book that works, delivering the smooth and orderly exit desired by people and businesses across the United Kingdom and being delivered by this government".

Fellow Conservative rebel Anna Soubry told MPs that while the bill in its current form was "not flawless", the amendments secured by Grieve and others meant she was willing to support it at this stage.

Announcing Labour's opposition to the bill at third reading, shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer branded it "not fit for purpose" as he repeated demands for MPs to have a meaningful vote on any divorce deal with the EU.

"Accepting this evening's amendment based on the Scottish and Welsh Government proposals would have been a clear commitment to correcting the bill".

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