Trump Appointee Resigns Over Bigoted Comments on Talk Radio

Carl Higbie appears on Fox News.   Fox News

Carl Higbie appears on Fox News. Fox News

"Well people are like, 'well, you can't hate somebody just for being Muslim.' It's like, yeah, I can".

Carl Higbie, the chief of external affairs for the Corporation for National and Community Service, Thursday after CNN unearthed a litany of offensive and discriminatory remarks he'd made on various radio segments.

Higbie could not be reached for comment by media outlets.

Nonetheless, he was appointed to the position at the CNCS, which runs AmeriCorps and other volunteering initiatives, and has programs dedicated to rebuilding after natural disasters and supporting veterans and their families, including helping them transition once they return home.

CNN released audio copies of the comments Higbie made on talk radio that included smears against Muslims, undocumented immigrants, LGBT people, Senator Dianne Feinstein, and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi among many others.

In 2013, Higbie worked on the "Sound of Freedom", a right-wing Virginia Beach-based Internet talk radio show, where he expressed disdain for the term "African-Americans", saying that most people who classify themselves as such "have never been to Africa".

"Well people are like, 'well, you can't hate somebody just for being Muslim.' It's like, yeah, I can", Higbie said. During one December 2013 show, Higbie accused "the black race" of "lax morality".

In another audio that has come to light, Higbie, a former Naval officer himself, passed off military veterans with PTSD as having a "weak mind" and said he thought a large number of those suffering from it were actually faking it. I'll volunteer to go down there and stand on that border for, I don't know, a week or so at a time and that'll be my civic duty.

"Nothing gets me going like Ted Cruz, when he went off on that Feinstein bitch about the Second Amendment". "That was just fantastic. I can't stand that woman", Higbie said. "Her and Pelosi. I'd love to just take both their heads and smack them together a couple of times", Higbie said.

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In 2013, he explained his dislike of gay people on Sound of Freedom.

To cap off this tirade, on the subject of Rhode Island's legalizing gay marriage, he said, "Congratu-f'in'-lations, you suck, Rhode Island". Why would you do that? But, as with most things, this new administration has brought a bit of change. You are breaking the morals, the moral fiber of our country.

"I was molested by a gay guy when I was a young kid and that kind of set the precedence for me", he added.

Higbie frequently questioned the authenticity of President Barack Obama's birth certificate.

In 2015, Higbie spoke for almost an hour with "Where's Obama's Birth Certificate" radio.

Higbie then cited long-debunked, baseless claims in which he suggested black people were morally inferior. "Sure, absolutely legitimate claim".

"People who perform violent acts and blame it on PTSD, you know, people who act crazily behind PTSD, is because they have a weaker mind", Higbie said. "That's a legitimate question".

In March 2013 on Sound of Freedom, Higbe called Obama "the Muslim who was born in Kenya - don't even get me started on that".

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