Sprouts suspected in salmonella cluster likely tied to Jimmy John's

Salmonella outbreak blamed on Jimmy John's sprouts

Salmonella Cases in Illinois Traced to Jimmy John's Sprouts

Three more individuals in neighboring Minnesota and IL have additionally gotten the disease of a similar strain from eating grows at Jimmy John's eateries.

State health officials have warned Jimmy John's customers to avoid eating sprouts the restaurant chain puts on its sub sandwiches after two IL residents became ill with a salmonella infection.

Most people recover without treatment, although a doctor should be consulted if a person has eaten sprouts and develops salmonella symptoms, according to CDC.

State and federal health officials are investigating a multistate salmonella outbreak linked to sprouts at Jimmy John's.

The Illinois Department of Public Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food and Drug Administration, and other state and local health departments began investigating after a recent cluster of salmonella cases including at least two people in northeastern Illinois. Neither case is from McLean County, according to the county health department.

To date, five people with Salmonella Montevideo infection caused by the same genetic strain ("outbreak strain") have been identified in Wisconsin.

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If you frequently attend Jimmy John's restaurants in IL, here's a safety note you may want to know.

If you frequently attend Jimmy John's restaurants in IL, here's a safety note you may want to know.

In interviews, ill people answered questions about the foods they ate and other exposures in the week before they became ill.

People in IL reported becoming sick on December 20 and 26, 2017. In 2010, 2012 and 2014, the sprouts that needed warm and humid conditions to grow making it conducive to bacteria growth, were linked to salmonella.

IDPH is also reminding restaurants not to let food handlers with diarrhea work.

If you have developed symptoms of Salmonella infection after eating food at Jimmy John's you are asked to contact your health care provider. Anyone who experiences persistent or severe symptoms should contact a healthcare provider. Salmonella can contaminate nearly any food. Person-to-person transmission happens when an infected person's feces from unwashed hands contaminates food during preparation.

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