The blame game begins as U.S. government shuts down

Trump to delay Mar-a-Lago trip until Congress passes funding measure

The blame game begins as U.S. government shuts down

Trump last week rejected a bipartisan proposal, saying he wanted to include any deal for Dreamers in a bigger legislative package that also boosts funding for a border wall and tighter security at the USA border with Mexico.

Minutes before the midnight deadline expired, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders blamed Senate Democrats on Twitter for the "Schumer Shutdown", the New York Times report said.

US government shutdown began on Saturday as Congress raced against the clock to avoid a federal government shutdown before a midnight deadline on Friday.

"This will be called the Trump shutdown because there is no one, no one who deserves the blame for the position we find ourselves in more than President Trump. he walked away from two bipartisan deals, including one today, in which I even put the border wall on the table".

The mass marches, planned all around the United States for the anniversary of Trump's inauguration, have coincided with another milestone: the federal government largely shut down after midnight on Saturday, for the first time in four years.

This impasse follows a months-long struggle in Congress to agree on government funding levels and protections for Dreamers, most of whom are originally from Mexico and Central America. Essential functions of government-mail delivery, air traffic control, social security, and the like-will continue to operate.

The White House gave Congress a March 5 deadline to pass a "fix" for DACA, making it an easy bargaining chip for Democrats hoping to get some sort of codification in exchange for the government spending bill.

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Results from the final Senate vote on the Republican bill aimed at thwarting a shutdown were announced around midnight and it was 10 votes short.

Democrats voted to block this bill due to the bill giving no real allowance to immigrant children in the country, of which there are at least 700,000 estimated.

Shortly before the vote, President Donald Trump tweeted that it was "not looking good for our great Military or Safety & Security on the very unsafe Southern Border".

A short-term government shutdown will likely have minimal impact, especially if only over a weekend.

She added: "When Democrats start paying our armed forces and first responders we will reopen negotiations on immigration reform".

The timing is significant as Saturday is also the one year anniversary of Trump's inauguration.

The last U.S. government shutdown happened just four years ago during Barack Obama's presidency with the phenomenon becoming common after 1976 when the current system came into effect. Trump tweeted Friday evening, a reference to the Republican-backed plan of funding government for the next four weeks as opposed to just a couple of days, as pitched by Democratic leaders.

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