Statue of Liberty to Reopen Using State Funds

Gov. Cuomo plans to keep Statue of Liberty open during government shutdown

US government shutdown blocks tourists' access to landmarks

Governor Cuomo has volunteered to use state funds to keep the Statue of Liberty open during the federal government shutdown. Late Friday, the Senate failed to approve legislation to keep the government from shutting down after the midnight deadline. But by mid-day Saturday, the pattern was spotty.

"My initial reaction is, they really kind of screwed up our day".

According to it's website, the Statue of Liberty, as well as Ellis Island was still officially closed as of 4 pm on Saturday. "We didn't know the shutdown would make it impossible". "So, it's very frustrating", he said.

Weaver, from Bozeman, Montana, anxious about what would happen if the impasse is lengthy.

Shutting down the park jeopardizes an economic driver for the State of NY. And he says the closure of the statue is a metaphor for what he says President Trump and Congress are doing through their policies on immigration.

The USS Constitution, the 220-year-old warship anchored at Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston, was open, but Boston's Bunker Hill Monument was closed.

Overseas Troops Will Miss NFL Championships Due To Government Shutdown
Despite streams being available, not every US military personnel overseas will have access to the required resources necessary. It had been scheduled to show both the AFC championship and NFC championship games.

Some of the best-known parks have been kept open, including the Grand Canyon in Arizona and Yellowstone National Park.

The historic park in northwest Wyoming was open under a blanket of fresh snow on Saturday. But after cruising past the closed booth where entrance fees are usually collected, the Lees were soon trudging through the snow on a boardwalk leading to one of the park's famous thermal features.

"We planned to go, we have to change our plans now", she said.

In Philadelphia, the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall - where the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were signed - were closed. Under that deal, the state paid the Park Service about $250,000 so that its personnel could reopen Liberty Island, where the statue stands, for four days. "And her message has never been as important as it is today", he said, alluding to the budget battle in Washington, where Democrats were seeking protection for hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants before agreeing to Republican proposals to extend funding for the government.

Kari Watkins, executive director of the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum, said Saturday the center is affiliated with the National Park Service but is owned and operated by the Oklahoma City National Memorial Foundation. He says they have other plans, but their morning was shot.

The snowy mountains and frozen lakes of Rocky Mountain National Park are still accessible to visitors, despite the federal government shutdown.

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