Cardi B Defends Fiance Offset Following Homophobic Lyric Controversy

Offset and Cardi B

Offset and Cardi B

Now, his fiancé Cardi has taken to Periscope to defend the rapper, where Saturday night (Jan. 20) she broadcast her thoughts on the situation at hand.

Offset made a guest appearance on YFN Lucci's song "Boss Life", and used the word "queers". In a lengthy apology issued earlier this month (Jan18), Offset said, "I have said before. that I got love for all people".

Cardi then spoke out about the controversy during a live chat on Sunday (January 21).

"I'm not going to let somebody call him homophobic when I know that he's not, and I'm saying this because I see him.around gays, and he treats them with the same respect he treats everybody". Why don't ya'll educate people about it?

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'A lot of people are not aware about what's wrong or right in the LGBT community. Why is it that you got to bash them and label them something that they're not? "He literally told me, 'I didn't even know that was a word for gays'". Offset apologized, using queer's dictionary definition to explain why he chose to use the word in the first place. He added that by "queer", he didn't "mean someone who's gay". Offset apologized for the line late last week, but with the caveat that he intended the word as "lingo that means unusual or odd", not as a gay slur. Also, saying that Offset didn't know what "queer" meant and putting it on other folks to educate them doesn't bode well in this post-Trump political climate.

This time, the debate stems from a video she posted to Periscope on Saturday defending Migos rapper Offset, to whom she became engaged previous year.

In her video, Cardi - who alludes to the fact that the couple are now estranged - repeats her partner's claim that he was unaware of all of the word's connotations. "Lingo that means unusual or odd (sic)". Though the rapper says he's developed friendships and working relationships with queer people in the fashion world, the matter is complicated by the fact that past year, Migos were rumored to have declined to appear on stage with drag queens for a performance with Katy Perry on SNL. She said that her fiancé has great respect for gay people.

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