Hot air balloon makes hard landing at Dixon's Creek, Yarra Valley

Hot Air Balloon Crash In Victoria's Yarra Ranges

Balloon Crashes in Yarra Ranges

The victims, three men and four women aged between the 20s and 70s, sustained a range of neck, back, ankle and abdominal injuries and are in stable condition, Ambulance Victoria told Xinhua in a statement.

The balloon took off from the Glenburn area at approximately 7am carrying 16 passengers before landing "heavily" on a private property at Dixons Creek, about 46km north-east of Melbourne.

Seven News understands people may have been thrown out of the basket after the balloon stalled and made a hard landing.

Seven people have been injured after a hot air balloon crashed in Victoria's Yarra Valley, but paramedics say it could have been a lot worse.

A SES spokesman said the hot air balloon was involved in some type of incident.

Seven passengers, mostly in their 60s, suffered back injuries and fractures from the accident.

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"I thought, "that doesn't look right".

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau said it was interviewing the pilot and witnesses to determine the cause of the crash.

'It's a huge open field... the recovery vehicles were there.

Emergency services have been unable to confirm the number of injuries, although a spokesperson said there were "quite a few injured".

Multiple ambulances were called to Dixons Creek, some 60km north of Melbourne, where the balloon's basket was found on its side.

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