Seasonal Event | Lunar New Year 2018 - Skins, a New Map & More

Facebook  OverwatchSEAA promotional poster for the Blizzard video game'Overwatch

Facebook OverwatchSEAA promotional poster for the Blizzard video game'Overwatch

The Year of the Dog event is scheduled to begin on February 8 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. There's a brand new map that's been built exclusively for capture the flag named Ayutthaya, that's based in Thailand and combines elements of modern and historic design. Now that the event is live we finally get a look at all of the new Overwatch Year of the Dog skins.

Capture the Flag, called Capture the Rooster previous year, is returning to Overwatch with a series of updates created to balance the game mode. "One side of the map is ancient and shows a temple that's very, very gorgeous and the other side is bright and attractive and very modern".

According to reports, the first thing that the Year of the Dog event will bring to "Overwatch" is a new map that was specifically constructed to the features of Thailand. Should you decide to try and climb the ladder within competitive capture the flag, you stand the chance to earn a custom player icon and spray. The game resumes, with the distance that the flags need to travel shortened.

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Just like last year's "Year of the Rooster" event, this year's event will bring back Capture The Flag mode. However, certain abilities that provide mobility or invulnerability, such as Winston's Leap, will not cause the flag to drop. The competitive season and the Lunar Event will last four weeks, which is a full week longer than last year's event.

Speaking of skins, lastly, and for some players most importantly, Kaplan revealed that there will be six legendary skins that will roll out with the Year of the Dog event, including one each for Mercy and Genji. Thanks to the most recent Developer Update we already knew we were getting a Mercy and Genji skin and a new map.

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