TRUMP BUMP: The President's Approval RATING SOARS In Newest Polls

Mueller's investigation is legitimate, 50 percent of voters say, while 42 percent say it is a "political witch hunt".

However, as many as 55 per cent of USA voters still said they did not approve of the job Trump was doing, the poll found, noting that 60 per cent voters believed that Trump was doing more to divide the country than to unite the country.

If I also recall correctly, the Republican leaders came out the first day after President Obama's inauguration and promised to make him a one-term president, and stated they would not approve anything he or the Democrats brought up in Congress.

And ultimately, 55 percent of respondents said they didn't trust Trump to do what's right.

47 percent disapprove of the Republican tax plan; 39 percent approve.

The memo alleges the Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice did not provide adequate information to a judge when they sought to renew a court warrant for surveillance of Carter Page, a foreign policy adviser for the Trump campaign.

Logan Paul Loses Youtube Ads Over Tasered Rat and Tide Pods Scandal
Paul removed the video a week later and apologized but YouTube chose to scale back its relationship with the vlogger anyway. The video is still visible on Paul's channel, though YouTube has overlaid a warning graphic that the content is sensitive.

Voters contend Trump is doing more to divide the country than to unite it by 60 percent to 35 percent. The respondents were 24 percent Republican, 29 percent Democratic and 40 percent independent.

51 percent of white voters say Trump is not a racist; 74 percent of black voters think he is a racist.

A new poll shows that 53 percent of American voters believe that President Trump has tried to "derail or obstruct" special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into potential links between Trump's 2016 presidential campaign and the Russian government.

"Americans are feeling good about their personal finances, but we'll have to see whether the Wall Street plunge takes a toll on the guy in charge", Malloy said.

The telephone poll of 1,333 voters nationwide was conducted from February 2 through February 5. The margin for sampling error is ±3.3 percent points among all voters; it is larger for subgroups.

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