Android Messages could let users send SMS from the web

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Users will be promoted to pair their mobile app with the desktop app via a website, with the process being as simple as scanning a QR code.

The next update will add payments for businesses and more Google-enhanced chat features. These features look very similar to what Apple's iMessage platform offers.

XDA-Developers did a teardown of the APK for Android Messages 2.9 and found signs of Google shifting further toward the next major change in messaging technology, which is RCS (Rich Communications Services). Once the two apps are linked, users will be able to type and send SMS, MMS and likely RCS messages using their computer, with the actual message being sent over one's phone. Unlike Allo web interface that restricted users to Google Chrome for a couple of days, it has been revealed that Messages for web will work across multiple browsers. The feature is often cited by iPhone users as one of the main reasons for sticking with Apple products due to the number of friends and family members also on iMessage.

Google has been a big proponent for RCS, a universal standard by GSM Association, which aims to replace SMS with a richer and advanced system that supports group chats, file transfer, audio messaging, video share, enriched calling, location share and more. These are awesome features and the beauty of it is that they can work on Wi-Fi instead of cellular.

Android Police found code for a pop-up messaged that reads 'New!

It's possible that nothing will actually come of the code, or that the feature will only be available with Google's own network carrier, Project Fi. Its plethora of apps for different purposes have failed to gain an iMessage or WhatsApp-like popularity.

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It is not yet certain when, if ever, Android Messages will be rolling out the new messaging feature.

The company, incorporated on July 23, 2015, is a holding company.

The updated version could make the messaging service a hub for purchases.

On July 8, 2015, Google's stock prices were priced at $541.7. Google already added the ability to send money to other private individuals in an update last fall.

However, the company's so-called Other Bets saw revenues rise from $262 million (£183m) previous year to $409 million (£286m) in the last quarter.

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