Google faces class action lawsuit over new Pixel smartphone

Google faces class action lawsuit over new Pixel smartphone

Google facing a lawsuit over original Pixel microphone issues

The class-action lawsuit, which has been filed in the US, suggests that the Pixel and Pixel XL handsets were known to be faulty when they were sold to customers.

After publicly acknowledging this issue back in March 2017, Google had advised replacement of Pixel smartphones in warranty. Not to mention the majority of plaintiffs in the class action were no longer covered under their original warranty due to the intermittent nature of the flaw. Instead of customers being irate over Pixel 2 issues, users are now suing Google over defects in that phone's predecessors, the 2016 Pixel and Pixel XL.

In response, Patricia Weeks and Waleed Anbar, with the help of law firm Girard Gibbs, filed a class action lawsuit against Google in California earlier this week.

"Had Google disclosed the defect to her (Weeks), she would not have bought a Pixel or would have paid substantially less for it", the Pixel lawsuit read.

Making things worse was that Google kept on selling the Pixel and Pixel XL despite a string of evidence that something was wrong with the devices.

The original Google Pixel premiered to great fanfare in 2016.

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The lawsuit also states that the plaintiff, a Pixel owner, would not have purchased the phone had they known of the defect beforehand.

In case you happen to own any of these Pixel or Nexus-branded devices, you should get an alert for an OTA update soon.

It's claimed that Google stated that less than 1% of the units sold at the time were affected by the microphone issue. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL have been reported to have issues in voice messaging, speaker performance, bundled headphone adapters, fingerprint sensor performance, and audio performance. Pixel 2 and XL2 users have complained of burn-in and black image smudging with the phones' OLED displays, along with muted microphone problems.

Google's Pixel Visual core which is basically a custom chip created to help with HDR+ image processing seems to be missing for its own camera app.

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