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South Shields snowqueen completes first Winter Olympic race

Women's Biathlon Kicked off early this morning

Veronika Vitkova of the Czech Republic won bronze, 25.8 seconds off the pace.

"I fell on the first loop at the bottom of the big hill", said Egan.

"Of course I was happy, it was my best race ever, it was hard on the shooting range today because it was so windy". And then the sprint, pursuit and individual race, along with world cup rankings, determine who will be in the mass start. Her medal is the first for Germany at this year's Winter Olympics. Biathletes at the PyeongChang Games will have additional challenges to contend with over the next two weeks at the Winter Games, including shooting under floodlights at night when temperatures are colder and the wind gustier.

Germany's Laura Dahlmeier took home gold for her country, with a time of 21:06.2.

As for Team USA, no, the women's 7.5km sprint did not go over so well.

Asked to elaborate on how she managed to stay focused when others around her got rattled, Dahlmeier laughed.

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While others struggled, Dahlmeier was a picture of composure throughout, or at least until she crossed the finish line when she thumped her chest, nearly certain that her superb shooting would be enough for gold. "Then I misfired, my bullet didn't eject and I wish I had refocused better after that". "In standing, I started out really solid, had three good hits and felt good about what I was doing".

Also on the U.S. team is Emily Dreissigacker, the daughter of U.S. Olympic rowers Dick Dreissigacker and Judy Greer. Clare Egan came in 61st.

Lunder missed two targets in the windy conditions and finished in 23 minutes 30.4 seconds.

She said numerous world cup races have more spectators, so the Olympic atmosphere "almost feels a little bit calm, which is kind of nice, honestly".

Reid was cheerful despite a bad night in which she had more misses than anyone else - seven - and a time of 26:18.

On Sunday, world champion Lowell Bailey and Tim Burke have their turn at becoming the first U.S. Olympic biathlon medalist in the men's 10-kilometer sprint.

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