President Trump pushes for more Republicans in Congress

House Paul Ryan departs a press conference following a meeting of the House Republican caucus at the U.S. Capitol Feb. 6 2018 in Washington D.C. Ryan fielded a range of questions including funding for the federal government

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"Republican majorities in the House and Senate have turned the (budget) process into an embarrassing spectacle, running from one crisis directly into the next", said Democratic Representative Nita Lowey prior to the House vote.

But when it comes time to vote, the House may face many of their own challenges, like conservatives opposing spending increases and democrats holding out for an immigration deal.

Paul continued the fight for hours, forcing a very brief government shutdown, and providing much needed attention to the spending habits of our federal government.

As a result of this bill, the budget caps instituted in 2011 are history and there will be $300 billion in new military and domestic spending and $100 billion in "emergency" spending to provide relief to victims of recent hurricanes and natural disasters.

The House vote was 240-186.

On the House side, many Democrats were upset that the agreement does nothing to protect the undocumented immigrants brought into the country as children. But his strongest words late into the night Thursday were for his fellow party members who attacked President Barack Obama for increased government spending but are now are rallying behind a similar idea just because it's championed by Republican lawmakers. GOP Sen. Rand Paul to blocked a vote on the bill for six hours, causing the brief shutdown as the vote slipped past midnight.

The US government shut down for the second time in 2018 on Friday, after Republican Senator Rand Paul held up voting on a two-year budget deal that would have averted it.

About $165 billion would go to the Pentagon and $131 billion to non-defense programs.

Trump signs budget bill, ending overnight shutdown
The government is now operating on its fourth continuing resolution of the fiscal year, and it expires on Thursday at midnight. Pelosi filibustered House business for over eight hours with a marathon floor speech demanding a vote on DACA .

In the Senate, the GOP has just a one-seat edge but has a favorable map, with just eight Republicans defending seats, mostly in relatively safe states.

From the beginning. The Senate had to move fast to pass the deal.

House GOP leaders said they were confident they had shored up support among conservatives for the measure, which would shower the Pentagon with money but add hundreds of billions of dollars to the nation's 20 trillion-plus U.S. dollars (£14 trillion) debt.

Paul, a budget hawk from Kentucky, defended his one-man protest, arguing that the fresh commitments to extra spending in the Bill were reckless. A senior administration official had said Trump would sign the bill before noon but was unlikely to do so before 9 a.m., when federal employees would be back at work.

Trump himself tweeted that the agreement "is so important for our great Military", and he urged both Republicans and Democrats to support it. It waives the debt ceiling until March 2019.

I suppose some would say that "intellectual dishonesty" is the essence of "bipartisanship".

Trump has said he won't sign immigration legislation unless it addresses "four pillars": legal protections for DREAMers; money for border security and a wall; changes to family based or "chain" migration; and an end to the diversity visa lottery program.

Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault Newman told the New York Times that people like her who boarded the Trump train called themselves Trumpublicans due to his unorthodox and unconventional approach to politics that seemed to have no place in the Democratic Party or the GOP. Trump has vowed to end the so-called Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, program, by March 5. "According to Politico, "...the budget package will keep federal agencies open until March 23.

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