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Carlos Cordeiro has been elected president of the US Soccer Federation on Saturday

Carlos Cordeiro has been elected president of the US Soccer Federation on Saturday

Sunil Gulati's successor will be chosen at U.S. Soccer's Annual General Meeting in Orlando, Florida, where the election will determine which of the eight candidates will lead the federation forward. Whether it will get the change many of its members desire remains to be seen.

For the first time since 2006, there will be a new U.S. Soccer president.

"Major League Soccer congratulates Carlos Cordeiro on his election today as President of the U.S. Soccer Federation". In the second round, Cordeiro inched closer to 50 percent, taking a significant number of votes from the anti-establishment group. Ex-players such as Wynalda, Caliguiri and Solo, as well as the savvy Steve Gans and his fellow attorney Michael Winograd, who dropped out a the end of the second round with a 0% share, had offered some hope.

To win election, Cordeiro needed a majority of the weighted vote.

Support from the Athletes' Council reportedly propelled Cordeiro to victory.

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Former U.S. women's national team goalkeeper Hope Solo finished with 1.4 percent of the vote on the third and final ballot.

Cordeiro became the chairperson of the budget committee - an important position to oversee how money was spent, and perhaps most important, what members wanted it one spent on, and as a director of the U.S. Soccer Foundation.

It is also rumored that USL also chose to back Cordeiro, while MLS and NWSL backed Gulati's pick in Kathy Carter, and the NASL stuck with Eric Wynalda.

Fans upset with Gulati will feel like nothing is going to change with Cordeiro as president. That failure sparked numerous demands for change in the USSF, leading us to today and the very contentious election process between a huge and diverse field of candidates. But his opponents will retain skepticism that a man who has been part of the USSF power structure for over a decade can suddenly pivot the organization in a new direction. He was then elected vice president in 2016. Gulati had not yet decided whether to run when Cordeiro told him he was making a play for the crown. But almost all of the backlash during this election towards U.S. Soccer, aside from the women's national team deserving equal pay, is because of one thing: the men's national team failing to qualify for the 2018 World Cup. Wynalda, who has financial backing from leaders of the former second-division North American Soccer League, is running on a platform of more extreme changes to the current structure, while Martino seems more measured in his approach and wanting to build things stronger from the ground up. But none of the six - four former national teamers, two lawyers with soccer backgrounds - had extensive experience as high-ranking soccer administrators. Each candidate was given five minutes to make a last-minute pitch to voters, in an order determined by the drawing of lots.

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