Mulvaney says he's not being considered to replace Kelly

Trump Defends Accused Domestic Abusers: 'No Recovery for Someone Falsely Accused'

Trump Calls for Due Process in Tweet: 'Lives Are Being Shattered' by 'Mere' Allegations

Another White House staffer, David Sorensen, a speechwriter, resigned on Friday after his ex-wife alleged domestic abuse against him.

As NCRM reported on Friday, the president did indeed finally weigh in on the scandal.

White House legislative director Marc Short was asked whether Trump had personally waived Porter's interim security clearance, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation made further checks on his background, to allow him to handle the highly classified documents that flow to the president's desk.

The White House has faced criticism over its response to the allegations against Porter, including an initial defense of the White House aide as a "man of integrity" from the chief of staff, John Kelly. "They are not true.' As soon as Rob Porter was proven wrong, he was not telling the truth, when the photos came out Wednesday, he was gone nearly immediately". "He says that General Kelly's doing a great job and he has full faith in him".

Mulvaney said he hasn't talked with Kelly about "his status" or "his standing" in the White House "because I don't think it's an issue".

Porter resigned as White House Staff Secretary last week following reports of a pattern of domestic abuse stemming as far back as 2003 involving two ex-wives and a third woman who dated him.

The president, meanwhile, has vociferously denied charges from more than a dozen women that he is guilty of sexual harassment or abuse.

Critics have denounced his remarks about Porter, saying they illustrate why abused women are afraid to come forward. "I think there was probably some - in the process some lack of communication between different elements in the White House. Some are true and some are false", he wrote.

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Also, the memorandum read that "Such a procedure will ensure the credibility of the institution in the eyes of the public". The matter was leading to yellow journalism, Rohatgi said.

White House budget director Mick Mulvaney on how the massive federal budget deal will impact the nation's debt.

"So many positive things going on for the United States of America and the Fake News Media just doesn't want to go there", he tweeted Sunday.

"We're not afraid of transparency", he said.

Porter also denied the allegations but questions have lingered about why he was able to keep his job even after the allegations reportedly surfaced.

The host was not having it, however, and said "let's play it again" before his producers ran the clip of Trump speaking about Porter.

Finally, Trump made it very clear where he stands in all of this when he encouraged people to believe in his innocence.

"There is no recovery for someone falsely accused - life and career are gone", he continued. Porter resigned from his role at the White House shortly after and has called the allegations "outrageous" and "simply false". She said Sunday she believed Kelly "became fully aware when the rest of us did" regarding the Porter allegations, referring to when the articles detailing the allegations were published. The White House spokesperson Sarah Sanders affirmed this was the official position of the administration in October 2017.

Kellyanne Conway, a senior advisor to Trump, said the president pushed the two staffers out the moment he saw credible evidence against them.

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